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Play the best free to play Online Footballmanager ever! Come to fame with your own club, win the championship and become a notorious manager!

Play for free now!

  • Play championships in major football superpower countries and meet the top of the world in the GSSL Superleague!
  • Qualify for the national cup or even the World Cup and fight in stirring live matches against real human opponents
  • Individual staff types, transfer market, intelligent contract negotiations, realistic sponsoring, extensive training settings, vast ranking tables and huge club and player statistics
  • Tournaments, friendlies and challenges for daily fun!
  • Football clans, community actions, buddies and much more!

GOALstar is different. Interact in fights against managers from all over the world with realtime decissions that take effect in a split of a second to archive victory!

Create your own football club

Invite your friends
Invite friends and get a reward!

You want to surf the internet and keep a lid on the livematch of your club at the same time? No problem! Take advantage of the GFA Notifier!

  • It shows the result and the minutes of the livematch
  • One click login into the managergame!
  • 10 seconds GFA Notifier Quick Install

The GFA Notifier only works with Mozilla Firefox! The Add-on bar must be activated.

For more information visit the Game Forum or just take a look at the game manual.

Football Manager Screenshots

GOALstar Online Football Manager Game is the first choice for Stragetic Football Elite Gamers. No download or installation needed. A Massive Multiplayer Online Game (MMORPG) brought to you by vibytes.